About Us

Our Mission

We want to provide a platform for parents/guardians to access knowledge and assistance for a child who demonstrates a learning, behavioural or/and emotional difficulty. We hope to give tips on the support, remediation and adult-finder intervention needed and to provide links to other resources that could provide different areas of assistance.

The People

We are parents who want to share our knowledge of learning difficulties and special educational needs that we have learnt in the classroom, through books and our daily interactions with other parents and children.

We love kids and enjoy watching them grow in many different ways. Our love of kids have driven us to great lengths to pursue knowledge. First to educate ourselves as adults whom are supervising children. Second, to educate our children in the way that best suits their character.

Chiew Yang


Chiew Yang is a mother of two "single" children because they are unique individuals with different personalities, likes and strengths. They are five years apart, in terms of age difference, so most activities that are age-appropriate cannot dissertationworld be shared. Chiew Yang has a post-graduate certificate in Specific Learning Differences and has finished her course work for the post-graduate diploma in Special Educational Needs.

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.


24//7 Mum

Donna left broadcasting to spend more time with her sons since 2006. The switch has given Donna invaluable time with her children and allowed her to continue her love to produce strategic content as a freelance writer. More recently, she completed her post-graduate Diploma in Specific Learning Differences, to support and understand individuals who struggle with learning in schools.

Donna’s love for her role as a parent, friend and life coach to her sons, has taken her on an endless journey of discovery and learning. Her personal struggles and countless conversations with fellow parents have made her increasingly conscious of a need for an easily accessible and reliable information resource for parents.

Donna realised that many couples and families struggling with parenting and child learning issues are unsure of how to turn their situation around. Often, Donna finds herself passing on information on counsellors, learning support for children as well as other resources on family matters to others.

Donna also has a soft spot for helping children who are struggling in school, and their highly-stressed out parents, having experienced first-hand the challenges that children face in school.

Donna feels strongly that many Singaporean parents need help but do not have the time to look for it. She believes that empowering people with useful and timely information will help them cope and even thrive in their family life. Donna believes that happy, confident children need informed parents or adults in their lives who love them and are engaged. Similarly, parents and adults will find it easier to engage their children when they know that their trying situation is not unique only to them, and help is available.

Donna began her career in broadcasting after receiving a full overseas scholarship to study in Monash University. She steadily rose in her career to become a Senior Broadcast Journalist, Senior Producer- Presenter and was Assistant Programme Director at 938LIVE when she left. As a journalist, Donna never shied away from any topic but instead tackled issues truthfully, clearly and with great sensitivity. Her ability to connect with people also saw her host engaging live radio forums with politicians, foreign dignitaries, Arts and business practitioners and listeners.

Besides a strong grounding in news, Donna also hosted a daily 2-hour lifestyle talk show, “The Living Room”. She regularly invited family counsellors, social workers, psychologists and lawyers onto her show to share their expert insights into dealing with life’s many challenging and intricate situations that Singaporeans face daily. Donna graduated with a degree in Communications and an Honours degree in Sociology from Monash University, Australia.

Donna believes that happy, confident children need informed parents or adults in their lives who love them and are engaged.