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September 5, 2013
Anger Addiction And Cortisol Hormone
September 5, 2013

Losing Hair is Not a Big Deal

Most men fear balding for the presumed reason that it will prevent them from finding a partner. The idea of isolation, depression, and reclusion sets in. You kept saying no man is an island. There is someone bound to make you whole. Now, the race is on.
You scour the dating scene in order to find the one before you lose all hair strands or what was left of it. The stigma lies on the slitheriohackcheats fact that male possesses a shred of vanity as well. And some assume that hair loss will render them appalling. In addition, a number of men also perceive balding as a huge roadblock in their career path; a path filled with mockery and discrimination. Then there are a few who think that they were not blessed with the right shape helmet to pull off a shaved head.
For decades, hair loss was an accepted truth. It is a sign of age, of distinction, and of experience. Unfortunately, a shift occurred. Media started to portray alluring men having thick tresses. Incorporating hair caressing in any and every romantic scene is but an added insult to injury. Do you know Fabio? The face plastered in most covers of romantic pocket books? Deny it all you want but his hair triggers envy all over.
As these figures start to embed in people¡¯s awareness, the society began to absorb the opinion that the ideal man has a full head of air. traffic head soccer cheats racer cheats ios To be fair, this is not something that the media purposely created to inflict self-consciousness among men. It is but a by-product or an offshoot from the image that they thought the public wants to see.
Have you seen a hair growth commercial? In their spiel, they usually depict a bald (or prematurely balding) man as lonely, abandoned, ¡°unliked¡± and desperate. Then he discovers their product and alas! Chick magnet personified; career on the fast lane; Life is sweet. With this thrown into your face, who wouldn¡¯t fear hair loss?
But as if to rectify the erroneous impression, media is now presenting bald as sexy, as masculine. Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, and Taye Diggs are a few of the men who exude sexiness in spite of having shinny chrome-domes. Who says bald is not attractive? Next time you enjoy the ball game, look around. And you are certain to see brothers just like you embracing the limelight. Speaking of ball game, do you know that you can advertise using your bald head? Rent it out and rake in cash. It will only take a few spray (or stroke) of water-soluble paint and the distinguishing logo of an advertiser to make money while enjoying the game.
See here, resorting to cover-up is not needed. Why not embrace the inevitable?
It would seem that balding is a life-shattering event that will leave you in shambles (given the quantity of hair loss treatments and whatnot.) In the grand scheme of things, hair loss is not really that big of a deal when compared to losing a loved one or a friend, or your country¡¯s reputation. However, fact remains that we still have to look at ourselves in the mirror to be able to address such issues.